Alanis Morissette


Alanis played in Lima for the first time on September 21, 2003. The show opened with a lousy and sometimes embarrasing - "Alanis, Alanis" - set by local band TK*. Alanis was great but most of the crowd was quite numb, was it total disbelief (nobody ever comes down to Lima to play) or just lack of enthusiasm?.  We don't know but some people looked as if they were watching grass grow. To be fair the audience did woke up for a while to sing along to "Ironic". Alanis started it up with one of her best songs "All I really want" and played mostly material from "Jagged Little Pill" which we really aprecciated since that's her most popular album here. Great voice all along with a tight but unimpressive band. Could someone hand Alanis an English/Spanish dictionary ? It would've been nice if she had said a few words other than "Thank you so much" after every single song (How about "Gracias!" or "Hola Lima!"?). About an hour and a half later she sang a final "Thank you" and we all went home happy but not as happy as we expected.


*TK is not a bad band (they're not great either) but they quite sucked at this gig. In fairness they seemed to be playing with a different - and crappy - sound system/engineer.